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Contribute a Lab

Here's how to do it.
  1. Make a lab containing:
    • A main page: Use this template, and name it index.html. Follow the examples in the other labs. It should contain links to all resources you want to provide.
    • Files and data: We prefer that you store your stuff on your own site, but will provide depository services if necessary.
    • A list of papers that describe what is known about the algorithm, data structure, or problem.
  2. Put it all in a tar file
  3. Send it to Cathy. If you are a human (not a web-bot), you should be able to figure out my email address.

Other Ways to Contribute

Here are some other ways you can help to build AlgLab into a full-service resource for teaching and research.
  1. Teaching materials. Do you have an assignment or handout involving one of the labs that might be useful for courses elsewhere?
  2. Links to published papers. Do you know of a good introduction to the algorithm and/or previous experimental analysis?
  3. Code. Have you implemented other versions of the algorithm? Competing algorithms?
  4. Instances and Input Generators. Always welcome. Please include: a justification that explains why the inputs/generators are interesting; a description of the input format (if it doesn't match AlgLab conventions), or a format conversion program; sample outputs or certificates of correctness for some of the inputs, to allow others to check correctness.