Proof Designer

Proof Designer is software that writes outlines of proofs in elementary set theory, under the guidance of the user. It is intended to help students learn to write proofs.

New Version

The version of Proof Designer on this page is out of date. There is a new JavaScript version of Proof Designer. To get to it, click here.

Stand-Alone Version

A version of Proof Designer as a stand-alone application (not an applet) is under development. You can find it here. The new version is being developed by Moez AbdelGawad.

Old Version

If you want to try to use the old, applet version of Proof Designer, it is still available on this page. Before you can use Proof Designer, you may have to make some adjustments to the configuration of your computer or browser. The documents listed below will help you set up your computer to use Proof Designer and then learn how Proof Designer works.

It may take a minute for Java to start up, and for the Proof Designer applet to be loaded. Once the applet has been loaded, a button labeled “Write a Proof” should appear below this line. If it does not appear, refer to the instructions for setting up your computer to use Proof Designer.

Your browser does not support Java applets. Click here to get Java for your computer.