7th International Workshop on Experimental Algorithms

WEA 2008: Workshop on Experimental Algorithms


Eli Packer. Computing Multiple Watchman Routes
Timo Aho, Tapio Elomaa and Jussi Kujala. Reducing Splaying by Taking Advantage of Working Sets
Markus Chimani, Carsten Gutwenger, Petra Mutzel and Hoi-Ming Wong. Layer-Free Upward Crossing Minimization
Reinhard Bauer, Daniel Delling, Peter Sanders, Dennis Schieferdecker, Dominik Schultes and Dorothea Wagner. Combining Hierarchical and Goal-Directed Speed-Up Techniques for Dijkstra's Algorithm
Leonor Frias and Jordi Petit. Parallel Partition Revisited
Marcelo C. Couto, Cid C. de Souza and Pedro J. de Rezende. Experimental Evaluation of an Exact Algorithm for the Orthogonal Art Gallery Problem
Ranjan Sinha and Anthony Wirth. Towards Fast In-place String Sorting
François Clautiaux, Antoine Jouglet and Aziz Moukrim. A new graph-theoretical model for k-dimensional guillotine-cutting problems
Sebastian Boecker, Sebastian Briesemeister and Gunnar W. Klau. Exact Algorithms for Cluster Editing: Evaluation and Experiments
Sebastiano Vigna. Broadword Implementation of Rank/Select Queries
Nicholas Nash and David Gregg. Comparing Integer Data Structures for 32 and 64 bit Keys
Zhengbing Bian and Qianping Gu. Computing branch decomposition of large planar graphs
Giacomo Nannicini, Daniel Delling, Leo Liberti and Dominik Schultes. Bidirectional A* Search for Time-Dependent Fast Paths
Jens Gustedt. Engineering In-Place Random Generation of Integer Permutations
Amotz Bar-Noy, Yi Feng, Matthew P. Johnson and Ou Liu. When to Reap and When to Sow: Lowering Peak Usage With Realistic Batteries
Jens Jaegerskuepper and Mike Preuss. Empirical investigation of simplified step-size control in metaheuristics with a view to theory
Diogo Andrade, Mauricio G.C. Resende and Renato Werneck. Fast Local Search for the Maximum Independent Set Problem
Kevin Lillis and Sriram Pemmaraju. On the Efficiency of a Local Iterative Algorithm to Compute Delaunay Realizations
Robert Geisberger, Peter Sanders, Dominik Schultes and Daniel Delling. Contraction Hierarchies: Faster and Simpler Hierarchical Routing in Road Networks
Thiago Noronha, Mauricio G.C. Resende and Celso Ribeiro. Efficient implementations of heuristics for routing and wavelength assignment
Gerald Lach and Marco Lübbecke. Optimal University Course Timetables and the Partial Transversal Polytope
Christoph Buchheim, Frauke Liers and Marcus Oswald. A Basic Toolbox for Constrained Quadratic 0/1 Optimization
Yann Disser, Matthias Mueller-Hannemann and Mathias Schnee. Multi-Criteria Shortest Paths in Time-Dependent Train Networks
Deepak Ajwani, Itay Malinger, Ulrich Meyer and Sivan Toledo. Characterizing the performance of Flash memory storage devices and its impact on algorithm design
Ernst Althaus and Rouven Naujoks. Reconstructing Phylogenetic Networks with One Recombination
Dimitris Kalles, Alexis Kaporis and Paul Spirakis. Myopic distributed protocols for singleton and independent-resource congestion games